Living in South Africa allows us to spend a lot of time outside. Summer and winter, our country is spectacular, and we have some of the finest weather in the world. From beaches and forests to mountains and dams, we have a wealth of natural beauty that makes it easy to find an excuse to get out the house.

This is a real benefit for those with kids because it means that they can play in the fresh air and get rid of all that energy. Something that I’m pretty conscious of, however, is the sun. Children’s skin is so delicate that I feel terrible if they come back in looking burned. Not only is it uncomfortable, it’s dangerous.

Once my child is kitted out properly though, and has a liberal application of sunblock, I’m quite happy to send her off. I find that sun gear for boys and girls does the job well if it fits properly and casts enough shade. My kid is also insistent that her hats don’t just keep the sun off, but sport fun designs. She goes particularly nuts for bright cartoon characters.

The sun hats you can find at Just Jump are ideal for school tours and camping trips – and the best part is that they’re kid proof.  Aside from being water resistant, they tie under the chin. This prevents them from falling off, letting the little ones get on with their games without having to hold their hats on if the wind picks up.

When we’re getting ready to go on holiday, I know that if I’ve packed the sun hats, we’re good to go. Whether we’re headed to the beach or taking a camping trip, my kid gets the shade she needs on her little nose, and that’s one less thing I have to worry about.