It always astounds me when I get a new list of things for my child to bring to school. Aside from the every day essentials like her uniform, there are extras for each season and new term. For winter there are rain hats and coats, while summer demands sun gear and the like.

My Big Idea

Last term I thought I’d be smart and buy her an umbrella. My reasoning was that she could use it in summer for a bit of shade, and in winter it could help keep her dry. I thought I was ticking off two boxes at once and saving on the bill.

Big mistake.

As my sister-in-law pointed out, I really should have known better. While a bright umbrella is a must-have for adults, it’s just one more thing for a kid to worry about. Only, my daughter stopped worrying about it the first day she took it out. She can’t remember where she left it, and she came home sunburnt.

The Solution

Again, my sister-in-law nailed it. Sun hats made from good-quality fabrics can double up as winter rain gear. Not only do they keep the UV rays off the kiddies’ little faces, but when worn in wet weather they keep them dry as well. Better yet, they tie snugly under the chin, so kids have both hands free to play.

The best part is that this rain and sun gear comes in a variety of cute designs, and colours so kids can choose the one they like best. No more bottle green or navy blue; they want something with a bit more pizazz!

Now, when there’s a sports day or a school outing, even a picnic in the park, I can simply kit my kid out in her sun/rain hat. This means that I know she’s protected from the elements, and I can be (mostly) sure she’ll bring it home.

Forget the brolly, her cute little hat has her covered.