When it comes to kitting your kids out for the weather, nothing’s more useful that a good, bright, high-quality fabric.  Not only do children love vibrant designs with kooky characters, but sun gear in interesting patterns stand out from the crowd, making it a little harder to leave behind.

One of my pet irritations is the news that my kid has lost her costume or sun gear. That’s why when it comes time to replace the item, I urge her to go for the brightest, loudest design possible.

There are some really exciting options around at the moment, and is what you can look forward to in our range of sun gear for kiddies.

Great for the Girls

  • Stars – Such a simple design but it looks so good on girls of all ages. Nothing says sassy more that white stars on a red background.
  • Crowns – Little princesses feel fancy in cheerful pink and purple fabrics embellished with crowns and swirly patterns.
  • Geometric designs – Diamond and triangles in a riot of colours are in just about every store at the moment, this stylish trend is especially great for kids.

Best for the Boys

  • Pirate prints – For boys who want fun wherever they Arrr, parrots and eye patches are essential accessories.
  • Crazy characters – Plain is boring. Guys love the stylized animals and imaginative creatures that feature on our boys’ swimwear.
  • Stripes – These will never go out of fashion. In blues and reds, wide or thin there’s nothing as cute as your little man sporting stripes.

Parents know that kiddies gear offers the best value for money when it’s made from durable, weather-proof fabric, that’s comfortable to wear. When it comes to the designs, we say the brighter the better. Just Jump kids stand out from the crowd in unique materials that are designed for fun.